Just a Simple Carpenter  

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You are a young man, recently married. Your culture requires you to live faithfully to your new bride (and her to you) for an extended period of time before you consummate your marriage. You have both taken the vows. Though the marriage was arranged by your parents several years ago, you have grown very fond of your bride. You anxiously await the “proper time” when you will lead a cavalcade of friends, family and guests to bring your bride back to your home for the wedding feast at which time you will, for the first time, truly know your wife.

What happens when you discover that she is carrying a child? You know for a fact that it could not be your child. What questions run through your mind? What emotions rage through your body? These are the questions that are addressed in my novella Just a Simple Carpenter. It is a look at Joseph’s reaction to Mary’s apparent infidelity, and subsequent response to God’s call upon his life.

What we find is a man filled with integrity, compassion, and steadfastness. A man who has principles, has a heart, and stays the course. And because of this God saw fit to bless him with a special ministry. God has a special assignment for us all—how will we approach our task? Toss it aside? Ignore it? Or embrace and live it?

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