Thanksvember: Day 3 - Music  

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I will admit it. I love me some music. I like all kinds. I don't really care for rap or hip-hop, but I must admit that every once in awhile I even listen to that. If you checked my Pandora listings and noted that I usually hit the "shuffle" option, you'd notice everything from swing to rock, from country to Christian. It's all there. I even have a "Sousa" choice that plays round the clock marches on cue.

My Blushing Bride would tell you that I've got a song for everything. I really don't mind it when a song gets stuck in my head--I just share it with everyone so that they can enjoy it all day right along with me. Once my sister even accused me of singing "all the parts." Shall I confess again? Guilty. Sometimes the other parts are better than the one I was assigned to sing.

I guess the reason I have to say all of this is "I got the music in me."

So, I have to say, I'm thankful for music.

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