Thanksvember: Day 4 - Church  

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One of the best gifts that Christ has given us outside of life itself, is the atmosphere of relationship. Since salvation is a relationship with the Lord, then it is reasonable that He has not left us without relationship with our fellow man. He gave us the culture and society of the church.

Church is not the building it is the people. But these people are not just joiners who have become part of another popular club. No, they are people who have entered into relationship with Jesus Christ through His saving Grace, and by so doing they have become family - the closest of relationships.

Although we do not always appear on the outside to be aware of this loving familial relationship, Christ helps us to overcome our petty differences because of His love that dwells within us. It is a wonder when the church family represented by the local congregation lets this shine.

Let me be specific - I have the privilege to be the pastor of just such a congregation. A group of believers in Christ who have learned how to express love. I pray for them that they continue to grow in this gift. I love them that they are willing to pour out floods of love and blessing upon their pastor and his family. And I am thankful for my church.

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