Thanksvember: Day 21 - Sunshine  

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Something about sunshine just brightens my day. I don't know, maybe its the sunshine. I have a cousin who always greets me (and I'm assuming everyone else, but it's nice to think that it's just me) with: "Hello, Sunshine!" I like that. It means that her day has been brightened when people come into her sight.

The sunshine that we know helps the plants to find nourishment and it also lights up the world so we can see those healthy plants. It provides for us certain vitamins to keep us healthy, too. It warms us and teaches us about the One  true Light who brightens life and gives Sonshine to those who believe.

I used to parody: "Sunshine on my shoulder makes me sunburned/Sunshine in my eyes can make me blind . . ." But in all truth, today I am truly thankful for this:

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