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For those of my readers who get hot under the collar because the local stores have full-blown Christmas displays beginning in late August, stop reading now!

For those of you who decided to stick with me, Christmas spirit has come. One radio station in the major market in which I live started playing all Christmas, all the time last Friday. This doesn't bother me as it does some, simply because I'm a Christmas Junkie--I love (almost) all Christmas junk (whether it's really junk or the real thing). I cry over showings of It's a Wonderful Life and White Christmas.

[aside] My only beef with the radio playing so much Seasonal music is that on the day they started I hear the Euthrythmics' version of "Winter Wonderland" twice in the same day. If you're going to play all Christmas format, there is enough material out there that you don't have to repeat the same song (let alone the same version of a song) more than once in a 24-hour period. [aside over]

Anyway, for all of you but Bill Crider, who might take offense at the crocodile line, here's a little Christmas cheer:

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It's a good song, even with the croc comment.

6:55 PM

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