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Again and again and again! Apparently people are not paying attention to my posts.

As I was perusing one of the several many blogs that I frequent daily, buried deeply in the text the author did it again. So I was ready to go on a long rant about the proper use of lead, led, and lead. But I've already waxed eloquent on the subject, so I'll just point you there.

You must understand that I read a lot of blogs by preacher-types like myself. It's good for my professional education. That said, most of us are expected to be professional communicators--either verbally or through the written word. So is it too much to ask my colleagues to learn to say that any church they pastor "will be led" rather than "will be lead"? Please preacher, learn your usage. And by the way, it's just a cop-out to say, "spelling/grammar was never my strong suit." Are you educated? Then act like it. Even when you write.

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