National Poetry Month  

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April has been designated as National Poetry Month. You may want to read some poetry with a friend or loved one, or write a haiku, sonnet, or ode. And now, before the month gets away from me, I thought I'd share something simple:


Dear Lord, my God, I always pray
To keep Your precious will each day.

And when I can no longer stand
I pray You'll keep my in Your hand.

And when I can no longer hear

Your words, I pray, will bless my ear.

When, eyes grown dim, I see no more

May others see more of You in me than ever they have seen before.

And when my voice allows no speech

I ask that my actions souls will reach.

When finally I lay down and die

May people have seen more You than I.
--Benjamin Potter (July 3, 1983)

If you'd like, you can join in celebrating by posting a poem in the comments section, at your own blog, or just giving a poem to someone. (Be sure to tell them that it's National Poetry Month.)

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