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Many of you know that the Blushing Bride and I have entered into the arduous process called International Adoption. Each step brings us closer to bringing home a terrific special needs child who wants and needs a forever family to love him. One of the things we are discovering while we wade through the mountains of paperwork involved, is that money flows out of the pockets with every turn. So we're asking for support. Here's how you can help:

  1. Put our family (including the new one we will be able to introduce later) at the top of your prayer list--pray for patience, sanity, and wisdom as we continue down this road.
  2. Check out (and follow) our journey blog--posting is intermittent at best, but will take you through the steps with us.
  3. Jump over to our GoFundMe page and click the "Donate" button--it's easy and painless.
  4. Join us for garage sales if your in the Mulberry Grove area.
  5. Buy some of my books that are up for sale. Many of the books will be collectors' items which I've accumulated over the years. Some are signed by the author. Most will be from the mystery/suspense section of your favorite bookstore. I'm listing the first installment below. If you like mysteries, or know someone who does, contact me, we can work out almost any deal--just remember this is a fundraising effort, not a give-away.
First up is the eclectic but effervescent Kinky Friedman:

Greenwich Killing Time (1986, 1st) - $20.00
A Case of Lone Star (1987, signed 1st) - $50.00
When the Cat's Away (1988, signed 1st) - $50.00
Frequent Flyer (1989, signed 1st) - $50.00
Musical Chairs (1991, 1st) - $40.00
Elvis, Jesus, & Coca-Cola (1993, 1st) - $20.00
Armadillos & Old Lace (1994, 1st) - $20.00
God Bless John Wayne (1995, 1st) - $15.00
The Love Song of J. Edgar Hoover (1996, signed 1st - remainder mark on foot) - $25.00
Road Kill (1997, signed and inscribed) - $20.00
Blast from the Past (1998, signed and inscribed, 1st) - $25.00
Spanking Watson (1999, signed 1st) - $30.00

(I will pay shipping for you if you wish to take advantage of this fundraising effort, just leave a comment so we can get details worked out.)

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