Merry Christmas to One and All!  

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Here is a short thought that I shared with my church in our Christmas Eve service last night:

For the Sake of Real Christmas
(Christmas 2013)

We’ve been hustling & bustling from store to store
Calling and carding from shore to shore
Eating and greeting with friends galore
But Christmas is so much more.

Expecting white Christmas daily
While watching our yearly George Bailey
And stacks of cards come in the mail (e)
Can’t the true Christmas Spirit prevail?

‘Midst feasting and family and festive lights,
Presents and parcels and perfect delights,
From tinsel to trimmings to tree-neath sights,
There’s more, so much more to this holy night.

Scrooge got it right when he held Tiny Tim
The Grinch lost his grinchness at his story’s end
But us, what will we do with this Season’s Friend?
Let’s stop now and worship the Christ of the inn.

May God overwhelm us
With love so tremendous
And hearts that are gen’rous
For the sake of the real Christmas Night.

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