Adjusting Our Schedules  

Posted by Benjie

Robert Burns was the first to observe it, and later we adapted his insight with the saying, “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” When we understand that, we are better able to adjust our own lives to the plans of the One who is greater than either mice or men. Last week I promised you that we would be emphasizing the word “Mercy” from the Beatitudes. My plans were interrupted by the birth of our newest baby—Catherine Joy (Caty)—on Saturday, August 19. Our surprise was more than welcome since Hannah was ready to hold Caty in her arms—I must admit that I was as well—and it provided a special birthday present for my oldest niece who celebrated her 19th birthday on Saturday.

Watch for God to help you change your plans. He may surprise you with something joyful. It may happen soon.

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