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Water. Just the thought reminds us of the source of life that keeps us going. It refreshes us when we drink it; it cleans us as we wash; it even invigorates and inspires us as it falls from the sky to replenish the earth. But when we desire water—for cleaning or for drinking—we want it to be clean and pure.

We are to present ourselves to God in just this manner—clean and pure. The way that we do this is to allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse us, to make us pure. Are we allowing God to do his cleansing work within us this week?

The sacrificial system originally set up in the Bible required perfect animals (without blemish) to be presented in the act of worship. When Paul writes that we are to "present our bodies as living sacrifices" (see Romans 12:1), he indicates to us that we are our own sacrifice of worship. When we present ourselves to God in worship we are to be clean and pure. Are we refreshing to the Father? or do we expect Him to accept what we would not?

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