SIN, What is it?  

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So I'm reading my new copy of Christian Ethics Today Journal and find the box that shares this little tidbit of information

Eighty-seven percent of Americans believe in the concept of sin. what counts as sinful behavior? Here's the percentage of Americans who view certain activities as sinful:
  • 81% Adultry (sic)
  • 74% Racism
  • 65% Use of hard drugs
  • 56% Abortion
  • 52% Homosexual activity
  • 52% Underreporting income30% Gambling
  • 29% Telling a "little white lie" (from Ellison Research/RNS - March 14)

Of course, we've gone to ranking sin and ordering how sinful sinful behavior is, but I wonder what percentage of us would mark such things as gluttony, legalism and arrogance as sin. I also wonder if Christ would have an entirely different list.

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