Subway Has Heard Your Whine  

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In recent months I heard the hue and cry of home schoolers around the Internet. Their complaint: Subway sandwich stores were discriminating against the home schooled children of our nation. The point of contention was an essay contest which could garner massive athletic and playground equipment prizes for the his or her school. The problem, home schooled students were explicitly excluded from the contest base.

I noted all kinds of suggestions as to why this exclusion was made in the contest rules, and also noted the responses by home school parents galore.

Subway has re-instituted the contest and included everyone who is a citizen of the USA and of school age. The only exclusions seem to be people who are part of the Subway franchise system, Scholastic (the other major sponsor) and the subsidiaries. Those kinds of exclusions that keep people from tampering with the results. You can read the rules disclaimer for the new version of the contest here.

Get your school aged children writing about the stories of their own sandwiches.

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