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I'm often skeptical at the "updating" of some of my favorites from the past. And there are some inconsistencies from what I remember in my childhood viewing. At the same time, some of the questions are being answered that were left unasked when Jack Lord led the Five-O team.

For instance, Danny is now a divorced father trying to build a relationship with his daughter (who lives with her mother and step-dad in Hawaii). Magarett himself is more rogue t
han I recall--made so by the opening story line from tonight's 'pilot' (I put it in quotations because I'm unsure whether it's really the pilot or not).

In its favor--the new version of Hawaii Five-O is filled with action, banter, and pyrotechnics. They decided not to keep the theme song (which is part of the draw of the show) with minimal updating. And they did not make the main characters the "sons" of or the "long lost relatives of" the original cast from the 70s.

So, welcome back Steve and Danny and Chin and the whole Five-O squad. I'm looking forward to it.

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