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Here is a special offer for all my readers--and their friends who wish to take advantage: 
Purchase my first two stories for significant savings.

Only $2.99 for Something Special at Leonard's Inn (Published by Loom & Wheel, 1999).

Or only $4.49 for Just a Simple Carpenter (Published by Loom & Wheel, 2000).

(Shipping & Handling charges of $2.00 for the first book plus $.50 per title for each book after that.)

For even more savings, buy both together for $6.00 (plus shipping and handling) This is the perfect idea for your Christmas gift-giving plans.

Requests for autographed and/or inscribed copies will be honored. Please contact me via e-mail with your name, US mailing address, and quantity request for -- Something Special; Simple Carpenter; or "Gift Package."

Currently I can accept personal checks or PayPal payment only.

For purchases of $20.00 or more, Loom & Wheel will waive the shipping and handling charges.

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