Tea Time!!!!  

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No, no . . . not tee time. I like golf as much as the next guy, but now we're talking Tea. While in Ukraine, I started drinking tea on occasion (when in Rome and all that). I didn't turn my back on coffee (the real man's drink), but I did develop an affinity for a cup 'o. What I found was the best "black tea" on the market--Lipton Yellow Label. A year into my discovery I learned a sad thing: You can't buy that in America. What would I do on furloughs? What happens if God decides to call me back to the 'States?

And then it happened. God called me back. I stashed one last fifty count box in the luggage and have been hoarding it these two and a half years. We've looked, we've searched, we've scoured. I've even gone in some of the health nut places with my blushing bride trying to find Yellow Label. But it's always been a no-go. Until just recently, that is.

Now you can get this smooth libation from one of the "partners" at Amazon.com. The one drawback is that the shipping shovels on a hefty tarriff. That's okay though, if you really like tea, it's worth the price. My bride ordered two 100 count boxes of the stuff and the shipping fee was just as much as both boxes combined! But I'm not complaining--I was almost out. And now, I don't have to be stingy with my precious tea. Get you some and try it. It'll relax you.

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Great post.
I love tea.
Drink it alot.
Thanks for the info about the book. Sound interesting. Hope you have a great day!

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