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It isn't often you'll hear someone say that they have a great mother-in-law. All the jokes suggest that mothers-in-law all have green-tinted skin, wart-ridden noses, and gad about on broomsticks during the night. I'd like everyone to know that I have the world's best mother-by-law.

Using guilt by association, people would expect fathers-in-law to also be a grizzly bear to deal with. So, I should hasten to add that I have a tremendous father-by-law. My wife's parents are loving and interested in our family's life--and dote on our children even if they have to do it from a distance.

So, today, I want to pay a fitting tribute to my father-by-law, Robert A. Wring. Bob is the pastor of Mountain Highway Baptist Church outside of Tacoma, WA. This December he and Ms. Vickie (I'll call her Momma Wring) will celebrate 37 years as husband and wife. They have two daughters--one of whom has been blessed to join the Potter family--and three grandchildren (I'm so proud). Bob is a veteran of the US Navy and loves Jesus completely.

Several years ago, Bob completed work on his PhD from MidAmerica Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis, TN. This then, brings me to the reason for my post today -- to honor Robert A. Wring, PhD.

The fam and I recently returned from a mission trip to Pennsylvania (in and around the Punxutawney area). Over the years I have had an on again, off again (now on again) fascination with Dr Pepper and all the variations from soft drink bottlers around the world. I was a fan of DP when another company failed to reproduce a facsimile and called it Mr Pibb (it seems he couldn't stay in school long enough for the terminal degree). I have agonized over the travesty that is marketed under the name Dr. Thunder. But on our recent trip to PA, we discovered this (that tastes pretty good, btw) and found it a fitting tribute to my favorite father-by-law: Robert A. Wring, PhD --

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Today I was trapped at an HEB and had to buy a bottle of something called "Dr. Bob." I'd never seen it before. Its label is suspiciously similar to "Dr. Bob." Almost identical except for the "ob." Funny that I'd have that drink and see this post on the same day.

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