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Pardon a political moment, but I received another of those e-mail messages that come from people I know who should know me. But if they really knew me they'd know that I rarely if ever really care about their political statements, and I NEVER (strong word I know, but I NEVER) pass these messages along even though I'm told at the end (assuming that I've taken enough time to scroll to the end of the message) that if I don't pass the message along I'm lower than a snake's belly and will forever be known as the proverbial scum of the proverbial earth--so I must hang my head in shame.

Here's the real reason that I'm so riled about such messages: They assume (rightly or wrongly) that my political views are just like theirs. Even if I support/oppose the people/issues that they support/oppose, I don't care for these inbox filling wastes of space. And even if I support/oppose the people/issues that they support/oppose, I am vehemently opposed to vilifying our elected officials. I may not care for a person or their policies, but if that person holds an office that demands my respect shouldn't I respect the office?

The catalytic email that inspired this post was one of those that was definitely Republican in nature in that in the guise of political humor made the point that we must vote for "Anybody but" the current administration. My position: vote your conscience. If you don't like the current administration/congress vote to replace them. If you are happy with the direction our country is going, vote accordingly. If you feel your vote will make no difference so you choose not to vote at all, keep you opinions to yourself.

So, having said that, if you have this perfect email chain letter that you think I should read because it states perfectly your views on any upcoming election, please keep it to yourself.

As always, commentary on this post is welcome in the "comments" section.

Political statement over.

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I'm with you on this one.

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