Definitely a Guy Movie  

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Let's face it. Guys like movies with lots of pyrotechnics, gun fights, and car chases. This movie has all of that but little else. A bevy of action stars insures there will be plenty of fist fights, exploding bullets, and things blown up.

Mercenaries, led by Sylvester Stallone, take on a job offered by Bruce Willis (cameo) who represents the CIA (although this is just speculation), to rescue a small island nation from the American bad guy (Eric Roberts) backed dictator. The General's daughter is one of the leaders in the movement to rid the country of the tyranny.

The Blushing Bride (who enjoys a good action flick with me once in awhile) couldn't find the enjoyment in the exploding screen. My assessment--it was a good story, told badly with poor acting highlighted by some really great pyromania thrown in to appease the crowds.

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