Spring Has Sprung  

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We've been having a sneak preview of the Spring that is to come, and it looks pretty nice. This year as we celebrate the first day of Spring, those of us who live in IL are honored to participate in an exercise in futility (aka Presidential primary races). (Pardon my soapbox, you can skip the next few lines if you like.)You have to choose a side--even though you don't like any of the sides--and if your voice is to be heard mark the name of some person whose been harrassing you via mailbox, television and telephone for the last week just so you'll recognize their name. [News flash to politicians: the more you stuff my mailbox, rundown your opponent with slur ads, and robocall my house, the less likely I am to like--let alone vote for--you. Leave us alone, talk about actual issues in the debates (there were MORE than enough of those for the Republican wannabes this year), and let us think. We are, after all, Americans who can think for themselves!] (soapbox over, you can start reading again)

Anyway. According to the people who know (or who think they know everything, at any rate) have informed me that today is the first day of Spring. So, slow down. Pause to smell the coffee. And let the wonder of another day wash over you.

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