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I noticed today that our post office flag was at full mast. I assumed that it means that the thirty-day mourning period for President Gerald Ford has run its course. I neglected to blog about Ford during the days following his death because I would have to do a mountain of research to justify any commentary on his life. I have been thinking of late about our passed presidents, though. (Yes, that's the right form of the word--no pun intended, but there all the same.)

How many of the dead presidents do we know? How many do we revere in our history books? Why do we remember some so readily, but forget others? For instance, most Americans having been through the third grade can remember George Washington. After all, he was the "Father of Our Country." We remember fondly the legends and myths that surrounded him--the cherry tree incident and wooden teeth. We recall his heroism during the War that brought our freedom.

Also, most of us have no difficulty remembering "Honest Abe" the president who was murdered in Ford's theater. He presided over the country torn assunder, and dreamed of reuniting it.

Other prezes that stand out are the Roosevelts (Teddy and Franklin), Ike, and John Kennedy. What happened to those we don't remember? James Polk, James Madison, James Carter. We only see in history books words about the Johnsons (Andrew and Lyndon). Some, when we do remember them, it is with disdain or remorse that we recall they were even our president. What does it take to make one president (or a person for that matter) memorable and another not so?

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