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I got a call this morning at 3:00. My grandmother, Eunice Loretha McBride Potter, passed away in the night. We called her MawMaw. Yesterday, January 19, was her 90th birthday. She lost PawPaw in June of 1991.
I remember visits to their longtime home in San Antonio. We would play with the cousins in the fenced backyard--one year I was introduced to sparklers! When we played in the front yard it was invariably to play at a battle of some kind. After all, what else were you supposed to do with the berries from a holly bush. We harvested and threw them at one another (they're not for eating, you know). Well, at least we did this until the mothers caught us. PawPaw had the house filled with clocks of every description. Part of the comfort when visiting San Antone was to fall asleep on the sleeper-sofa to the ticking and the chime of one hundred and one clocks all set to their own time zone. MawMaw's taste was simpler--she had a collection of salt and pepper shakers from all over. She displayed them in a shadow box on her wall.

MawMaw made pancakes--cinnamon pancakes. And they were delicious. I was visiting with her for a few days, I don't know who else was there, but she made cinnamon pancakes--what a treat! We ate them until we were sick at our stomachs . . . it was great!

When PawPaw "retired" they moved to their property in Kingsland. A house that PawPaw built. MawMaw always welcomed family and friends. She passed away in a Paris, Texas hospital. She was 90 years old.

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A fine tribute to a fine woman. My sympathies to you and your family.

10:54 AM

Great-grandma was awesome i really miss her

4:07 PM

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