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Now for my take on the Year of Bond to help you vote (if you haven't already):

Connery -- defined Bond for most of the world. He has a little of the edginess depicted by Ian Fleming in the novels.

Moore -- got the job because of his popularity in TV's The Saint. Most Bond fans dismiss Roger because of he seems not to take the job seriously enough. One thing that he did add to the role was a more light-hearted look at the master-spy. With Moore we were able to fall in love with the British love for puns.

Lazenby -- the one-Bond wonder. Admittedly one of the best Bond scripts allowed us to see the human side of 007. He was dismissed as being too stiff for the role. Poor George never got a real chance.

Dalton -- brought some of the coldness back to the role. I thought I'd like Dalton and he did a fair job, but he had some sorry scripts.

Brosnan -- looked the part. When I read the novels, I picture Brosnan. Again plagued by bad scripts. Some liked Halle Berry as the Bond girl in Die Another Day; I thought her character made Bond look like a wimp and that she overpowered the script. The Russians called this one "Die, but not Today". I thought it died today.

Craig -- newest Bond as the oldest Bond. Using a script from the first appearance of Bond, Craig became characteristically what I saw when I read Casino Royale the first time. He seems to have captured the heartless wrecklessness that is James Bond.

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I vote for the new guy. I'm impressed you know his name. But someone told me he was in another movie... Can't place it right now. Oh well... Anyway he has my vote.

Happy New Year brother!

10:47 PM

Layer Cake is another movie Craig is in, and a good one.

9:10 AM

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