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Saturday was a really enjoyable time for the family. We went with some friends from church to Carmi, Illinois to enjoy the Baptist Children's Home and Family Services' (BCHFS) annual Family Fun Day and Quilt Auction. The kids enjoyed all the booths and clowns and such, as well as several turns at the slid on the playground. My mom donated a quilt (at my request), and it performed well--not as well as I thought it should, but it was in there with the rest of them.

Sunday morning I woke up sounding like Barry White. The mallady included sore throat, and progressed as the day went on. Preaching in both Sunday morning and evening services didn't help any, so that by the time the evening service was over I had almost no voice at all. One of my kindly church members suggested a cure for me:

Two parts rum
One part honey
One part lemon juice

If this does not work in two days, do away with the honey and lemon juice.

I figured that this kind of remedy would certainly work, and if it didn't I wouldn't care anyway.

Have a good day.

--Speechless in Mulberry Grove

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