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Recently, I heard one of those radio talk shows where they talk about just about anything. The host was discussing how his second grade teacher encouraged him to the point of "setting him free to soar". So, I decided I'd introduce you to a couple of inspirational people in my life.

I've been writing for almost as long as I have known how. In early elementary years I wrote some of the most awful poetry one could read (hey, I was in elementary school!). Often I would show this drivel to my teachers. One would "grade" it with an 'A' or a star and give it back. This only encouraged me. Consequently, my high school English teacher, Mrs. Griffin, saw something and encouraged my by entering me in the National Council of Teachers of English Writing Contest. I was a finalist and this just added fuel to the fire.

When I entered college I met an English teacher who really inspired me. On a whim, I gave him a copy of a short story I was working on and asked for his advice. He offered some criticism about the characterization, some thoughts on the story itself (which has atrophied in a folder--it was really bad prose) and instead of telling me just how bad it was said, "This shows promise. Keep writing." As a matter of fact, since those days, my teacher has become a writer known and respected in mystery circles, and his continuing advice to budding young authors, "Write, write, write."

Bill Crider has suggested to me that I should write every day - it doesn't matter whether it's good writing or bad writing (at least until you try to sell it). Just write. With practice your art will improve. Thanks for always being an encourager, Bill.

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Doesn't work for everyone, but it worked for me for many years. Keep on truckin'.

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