A Sad Day for Snackers  

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The headline reads "Twinkies Maker Hostess Files for Chapter 11" (click the link to read the article)

The sad truth of the matter is that Hostess is our go to source for all cakes snackable. CupCakes (not the homemade kind, but those dark chocolate, cream-filled, two-packed--so you can share 'em with a friend--cakes with the hard edible plastic cover that has a white curly design on top), which were followed by the DingDongs, and the HoHo's, and the multiple-flavored Zingers. There are a world of snack cakes out there, and now the maker of the premier ones (not the cheap-o knock-offs from other bakeries) is going belly-up!?

I blame our health-conscious nation, as well as the fast-food industry which turned eating snacks that are calorie-laden into an art form. My wish in all of this is that the shelves so stacked with preservative-filled, taste-bud-tempting treats will not disappear altogether. Why, they last forever, those Twinkies do.

And speaking of "Twinkie Doo", if Hostess goes under, where will we get that last bit of tasty Yum that sticks to the cardboard packaging? You know, that last bit that you scrape off with your finger so that you can get every crumb of the luscious Twinkie?

Snack cake lovers, beware!

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