Some Friends You Always Miss  

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A couple of weeks ago I discovered that my good friend from college days succumbed to some major medical issues on Christmas Eve. Don had a genuine spirit of humility about him. In his demeanor you could tell that he was one of those friends. You know the kind, they know nothing but love and kindness. It's really interesting that when he graduated the year before me from OBU, I knew we wouldn't see that much of each other. He was scheduled to wed his college fiancee, and move on to seminary in Kansas City. I had another semester to drudge through in undergrad work and was off to Southwestern in Ft. Worth.

When I talked to Don's wife via e-exchange after learning of his death, she reminded me of something--"Do you remember that song you wrote for us when we got married?" As a matter of fact I didn't and then she mentioned it, and I did.Interestingly, I was going through some old writing, thinking about Don, and found the rough draft of the lyric and a copy of the rough melody still in my possession. So, if you don't mind, I'd like to honor my buddy, Don, and his wife (and son) one more time by sharing this poem (no critics please, but if you'd like to comment an encouraging word to the family, I'll be sure they get it). Below you'll find a scan of the rough copy of the original music (and it's really rough).

Go Together

It's not very long until your graduation day
You'll soon be getting married and moving far away.
Please just remember to keep God in your plans
And then go together walking hand in hand.
Go together in life's tortures
Go together in life's joys
Go together, go together just like good ol' girls and boys.
Go together in the sunshine tho' life sometimes brings you rain
Go together in your happiness and even in your pain.

Then you'll know you're succeeding when your children praise the Lord.
You'll know God has blest you and your smiles they'll afford.
Just remember what I told you when things seem to get rough,
"Go together with each other and your Father up above."
Go together over mountains
Go together 'cross the sea
Go together, go together 'cause that's how it's meant to be.
Go together when you're crying and also when you smile
Go together, go together, go together all the while.

Go Together

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