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Open up your eyes,
     Look into the skies.
          See the beauty around you,
               And feel it all around you, too.
Way up in the air
     There ain't nothin' but care;
          Care for the beautiful sky
               Just where the little birds fly.

Spread your wings and soar;
     Get up off of the floor.
          Fly around just like me,
               Thru the limbs of every tree.
You may not think it's right,
     But don't get mad and uptight.
          Perch yourself on the rail.
               Get in out of the rain and the hail.

Look for the good, not bad.
     Otherwise life is so sad.
          Raise yourself from that sack.
               Give yourself a pat on the back.
This may not seem to have meaning
     But at least it keeps us from leaning
          Too heavily on each other,
               But keep on lovin' your brother.

I'll help you to do what you need
     We will be friends, I know, yes indeed.
          We're out on our own together,
               Everything is clear but the weather.
Takin' some chances once in awhile
     Makes people think that we got style.
          Hopin' and prayin' but someday we'll die
               But just for this time spread your wings and let's fly.


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