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[I understand that some of my readers think I get a little preach-y with my poems and lyrics. But to you I say, "Hey, I'm a preacher. What did you expect?" Even so, here's a lyric I wrote around 1982. Maybe it will lift your spirits like it did mine when it came to me.]
I’ve got the Smile Sender and He’s down in my heart
Yeah, He’s the Frown Bender and He’s set me apart,
          ‘Cause the world’s goin’ ‘round and they’re wearin’ a frown
But Jesus took my frown and turned it upside down.

Well, He’s done that inner surgery
          He’s placed Himself inside of me
I’m happy now. Oh can’t you see?
          ‘Cause Jesus love has set me free!

I wear a smile in the daytime and I smile at night.
I smile to the left and I smile to the right.
          I smile all the time, I’ll tell you why that I do,
“I’m hopin’ that my smilin’ will rub off on you.”

So get the Smile Sender. Let Him down in your heart.
‘Cause He’s the Frown Bender and He’ll set you apart.
          If your world’s goin’ ‘round and you’re wearin’ a frown
Let Jesus take your frown and turn it upside down.

I said that Jesus took my frown and turned it upside down!

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