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I’m going on a journey
          Won’t you come and go with me?
                   Gonna take a trip
                             To a land that’s promised to be free
                                      And the Son of Love
                                                Is guiding me.
                                                Come take my hand;
                                      I’m holding on to His
                             He’ll lead us to the Promised Land.
                   Gonna call His name
          Listen for His still small voice
So that you can understand.

                   Hold on tight
                   He’s leading us through the darkest night
                   Just trust in Him
                   To show us the light.
                   Don’t be afraid
                   Your blinded eyes will have sight
                   At the end of the journey
                   He’ll give us life.

At the end of my journey
I’ll never

--October 28, 1981

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