My Thank You Song  

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Many years ago you walked upon our ground.
You brought us a new love and life we found.
Some would not accept you, you were profound.
They hung you one a cross, you made not a sound.

Thy put you in a tomb, thought you were dead,
But soon you rose again, just like you said.
You you live in heaven, the triple head
Those of us who believe, our souls you've fed.

Many people shudder at the sound of your name.
They run, they fly, they flutter, thinking life is a game.
They never get away though, it's always the same.
Why don't they accept your love, instead of put you to shame?

Jesus, you have been good to me.
You have made me part of your family.
Thank you for being so good to me.
Thank you for making me your own.


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