Finding the Meaning of Joy  

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As I reached the age known as the "teens" I began putting a little more thought into the poetry that leaked out of my pen. (this one even carries a dedication to a former youth minister of mine, probably as he left to take another ministry position--the name in the dedication is my personal nickname for him, his friend call him Tommy.)

For T. Jack Carter & Family

I once thought the meaning of jo--y
Was found in the songs of the world.
The harshness, the anger,
The loudness, the pain,
The song of the world
Will give you no gain.

I've been to church since I was a wee lad.
I lived right and talked right
So, I'm not so bad.
Then Father showed me what I ought to be
And told me of Christ
Who died on a tree.

Now, for sure, I know the meaning of joy.
My song's been changed since I was a small boy.
The goodness, the laughter
Whe'er happy or sad
I'm going to heaven
Of that I am glad.


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