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What i should do and what i do
          Don’t seem to turn out the same.
My head is swimming
          From tryin’ to keep up with the game.
My biggest problem is: i know how i feel,
          But i’m afraid i’m too scared to tell you,
To tell you, “I love you.”

I’ve tried to write my feelings down before,
          But the words didn’t come out right.
I get the jitters
          ‘Cause i don’t know how you feel about me.
Guess i should have looked deep in your eyes
          Deeper than ever so that i could see
And tell you, “I love you.”

It’s hard, you know, for me to relate
          The feelings i have so deep inside.
The feelings for you
          That, even after all of these months, i hide
From you—these things—i tell all . . . but you.
          But what i should do, but don’t do . . .
I should do . . .
          I do . . .; i say . . .,
                   “I love you.”

(May 19, 1981)

[For some reason the hearts of young men drift to love. Perhaps it is in our nature to look for that drop of perfection. And so, at 17 years of age the preceding poem was what drifted through the corridors of my mind. Nineteen years later, I found one that God had prepare to answer this question--is there one out there?]

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