2012 A Look Back  

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Now that Christmas is in our rearview mirror for 2012, it is time to look at the wonder that has been this year.

  • The year started on Sunday, so I spent day one of 2012 in worship with my church family. Even better, I had the privilege of helping my youngest child give the first biggest testimony of her faith in Jesus--Baptism (on Day 1!).  
  • We got started in earnest on the process of overseas adoption. Discussions started last Christmas season, and we actually got our applications on the go in early 2012.
  • I was able to accompany a group from World Hope Ministries International (World Hope Bible Institute) and Houston Northwest Church on a mission trip to Kenya in June. Over 300 pastors and church leaders were trained in "Old Testament Survey" and "Biblical Faith" and at the end of our two weeks at two separate locations I witnessed a sea of Kenyans making commitments to Christ even though our outdoor venue was a bit soggy from afternoon rains all week.
  • Our church experienced some exciting times including our normal Spring Revival, Summer Vacation Bible School, and our annual Christmas Eve Candlelight service. December even saw us pay off our Renovation Loan - we will be celebrating on the first Sunday in January at 6:00 p.m. with a ham & bean dinner accompanied by note burning. You're invited to join us if you're in our area and don't have church commitments of your own.
All in all, I must say it's been a really happening year for me, my family and my church family. Next up we'll look forward to the New Year. Hope to see you then.

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