Our society has a fascination with angels. Books have been written, television shows and movies have been produced to tell all sorts of tales about how angels interact with human beings. At Christmas there are any number of songs about angels.

The Christmas story is filled with angels. An angel visits the old priest Zechariah to tell him that he will father the forerunner to the Christ - John the Baptist. So vivid and dramatic (some might even say traumatic) was this visitation that the old man was rendered speechless (literally) until the baby was born and named "John".

An angel visited Mary to instruct her to be the mother of Messiah. Her betrothed husband, Joseph, was also visited by an angel to encourage him to go through with the marriage to Mary, even though she was already expecting a child.

And probably most famously, an angel visited a band of shepherds outside of Bethlehem instructing them in how to find the Christ that very night. This angel was then joined by a sky-full of the heavenly beings who filled the night air with announcements of "Peace on Earth! Glory to God in the highest!" It may have even sounded much like today's video:

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