2013 Looking Forward  

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As we stand on the brink of a new year, it is time to now think about where we shall go. Should we make plans? There are many who would say we should not presume on God and making plans does that. I say, there are things that we can look forward to without neglecting God in our lives. No resolutions this year, just expectations. And so here are a few of the things I have calendared to see happen in 2013:

  • Following God in the paths that He has chosen for me.
  • Becoming more like Jesus each new day of the new year.
  • Moving forward in the process of adoption - we even have our initial home study visit scheduled within the first week of the new year! 
  • Watching more evidence of growth in the First Baptist Church of Mulberry Grove.
  • Moving forward in the adoption process. We hope to reach the travel point to bring home our new child at some point during 2013 - We ask all of our friends, family, and faithful acquaintances to pray that God will open the right doors at just the right time for this to happen.
  • and finally, one of the big milestones that I plan on seeing this year: 50!
So, I look forward to an excellent year. I pray that yours will be just as eventful.

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