Advent 2012 - Week 1: Here's Hope!  

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In the late 1980s Southern Baptists set aside the Fall (’89) and Spring (’90) for simultaneous revivals. The object was for churches to engage in these revival efforts in one fell swoop with the theme “Here’s Hope Jesus Cares for You”. The convention even partnered with her publishing arm (Holman Bible Publishers) to prepare themed New Testaments (NKJV) to be given out by the churches in the effort.
             I do not know the full results of the revival effort, but I do know that the sentiment presented in the theme is one that bears remembrance during this Christmas Season—Jesus Christ is the Hope that is available to all mankind. Whether we find ourselves in distress or over-extended this Holiday, we can find all Hope in the One who cares most for us. He cares so much that He offered His own life in place of ours. That’s why He came on the very first Christmas, and why we can still say, “Here’s Hope! Jesus Cares for You!”

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