If It Ain't Too Late (Day 8)  

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Here's another old love poem written more years ago than I can admit. It talks about two lovers who, for whatever reason, are separated for a time. While all the love poems I've ever written are for my Bride and my Lord, I'd like to dedicate this one especially to all those who have to be away from their Love for a season (think "military" who are deployed away from theirs because they are serving us):

My Last Love Song
Benjamin Potter (1982)

A few years ago I didn’t know you
I didn’t have to write my songs for girls
I used to write down words of wisdom
And sing them loudly out in a fool’s world.

Then through circumstance I met you
I didn’t think that you could change my life
Soon duty called and I left you
The music’s gone and now I am the fool.

I can’t write any more love songs
The words don’t come out the way they should
I wish that I had been a great poet
Then I’d write down all the love songs that I could.

Since I’ve been away from you, love
Melodies don’t rhyme
‘Til I see your smile again
Harmony’s a crime.
          If the music’s worth a lot
          The word’s ain’t worth a single dime
          And if the words express my heart
          Then the music’s not in time.

I can’t write any more love songs
If I could, then I’d write them all for you.

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