But the Blushing Bride wanted to catch a few minutes of the Grammies last night, so we turned it on. Caught Tony Bennet's duet - It was pretty good, he should have done a solo. Also, saw the "tribute" to Glen Campbell. Blake Shelton did a superb job with "Southern Nights." It might have been better, though, if Glen had let others tribute him - his "Rhinestone Cowboy" was anything but sparkling. Then the producers kept teasing us that Sir Paul McCartney would be performing a "medley of Beatles songs." We decided to wait it out. Big mistake! Between the tribute to Whitney (which really was excellent, even if a last-minute edit was necessary), and McCartney's show finale, we had to endure two seemingly never-ending assaults on the music business. The techno display with the mock Mickey Mouses was nauseating, and then that other thing--what was that? And they only gave Tony ninety seconds?!? And then when Sir Paul took the stage, the performance was less than advertised (multi-talent guitar montage notwithstanding). Yeah, I'm not a fan of Awards Shows.

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Sad, really. He had a spot earlier and sang a new song of his. Let's just say he should have really just quit while he was ahead. He just can't sing anymore. We happened upon the show a bit earlier and were treated to Adele's song and it was fabulous!! She was modest and humble and sang beautifully with grace and ease. An absolute treat which made her awards well deserved!!

6:31 AM

We stumbled on in time to hear Adele, too. Not really my cup of tea, but she did a super job. H really liked it.

9:28 AM

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