So Long, Moses  

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I had resisted the urge to do an obit for Moses until frequent commenter David Kirk of Frogtown pushed me over the edge in the comments section. So . . .

This past weekend, Charlton Heston passed away at the age of 84. The actor whose career was highlighted by a portrayal of Moses in The Ten Commandments, was also known as a vocal spokesman for the National Rifle Association.

I believe the most fitting tribute for Heston came many years ago in the form of a parody by the late Christian parodist Dan McBride with these words:

Don't shave your sideburns, pastor
And let your hair grow,
You'll look like Charlton Heston
If you do!

To the family of Mr. Heston, may God grant you peace during your time of loss.

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Thank you! Sorry I pushed you so hard!

10:44 PM

Hope you didn't lose any sleep over it. I know I didn't.

7:11 AM

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