Idols in the Wild  

Posted by Benjie

Matinee idols of yesteryear keep us from understanding idols and idolatry very well. We talk about the idols of the silver screen (or the small screen). However, if we really want to look for the idols that are taking our attention off of God these days, we should look to the Game Show Network. Our avaricious ways are fed day in and day out because of our society’s fascination with game shows.

Icons of our society developed within us a hunger for the living-room suite, the brand new washer/dryer, A NEW CAR! Innocently enough we tune in to enjoy a half-hour (or in the case of some of the newer game shows, led by the Hour-Power editions of The Price Is Right) in order to watch and vicariously experience the winning of more things—more things to become idols in our lives—by our favorite contestant. Some of the newer shows have even moved away from traditional prizes—appliances, airplane trips, or automobiles—cutting out the middle man and moving directly to money, money, money. Some of the more popular shows focus on money for prizes.

The point of all this is not to get you to stop watching TV (unless it’s your idol). Nor do I want to say that game shows or the airing of them is evil. The point is that idolatry is so ingrained in our society that even the most innocent of venues encourages us to participate—and participate wildly in the act of idolatry.

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