Idol Words  

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god – that which is the central focus of our lives

idol – the physical representation of our god

Many things can be our god—those things, people, or ideas that we allow to take the place of the one true God in our life. On the other hand, idols are those physical manifestations of our god. Something to own, to show off, to worship. Do you have idols in your house? Your garage? Your wallet? Idolatry is acting as if some object has more power—spiritual, magical, unexplainable power—than that object has in and of itself. The god of your life is the one to whom you build a shrine (in your room or in your mind); the idol is the center point of your shrine.

In our study of the Decalogue, we should note that once we rid our lives of other gods—having only God as our only God. We must remove from our surroundings those things that keep the false gods before our eyes.

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