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Here are the words penned by my great-grandfather and originally published in the Oklahoma Odd Fellow. {Thanks to my brother, Dr. Andrew Jay Potter}

Life’s Journey
By William Arthur Potter

A few years since, I started out
Upon life’s weary road.
At first with joy, and then with doubt
As fast increased my load.

At first the way seemed very bright,
My heart was free from care.
My home a pleasant place to live,
Peace and love dwelt there.

But soon the world I had to face,
I grew to man’s estate.
I traveled on a weary road,
We cannot shun our fate.

The road was long, the way was rough,
Cares and grief came fast.
My load increased, my strength gave out,
Must I give up at last?

A good Samaritan came by,
He quickly came to me,
“Brother,” he said, “be of good cheer,
I’ll be a friend to thee.”

He taught me that a friend in need
Is worthy of all love.
That Friendship, Love, and Truth are gifts
That come from God above.

It is not good for man to live
Unto himself alone.
Share your brother’s joy and grief
And let him share your own.

Love and aid your fellowman,
A blessing it will give,
‘Twill make the world in which we dwell
A better place to live.

I’m going toward the sunset now.
I’ll pass this way no more.
But when I leave this world of strife
For Heaven’s Golden Shore

I hope my friends may say of me
As ‘round my grave they stand
He practiced Friendship, Love, and Truth
He was a friend of man.

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Great message. Much wisdom in that poem.

6:52 PM

Thanks, Tim. Come and visit anytime. I think the message in the poem was what caught my brother's attention when he found it in some old papers.

7:46 PM

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