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Today, across America students met to pray. Here is my prayer to join theirs:

Father, may world peace be at the heart of all world leaders. Move your hand among the governments and the leaders to make yourself known.

Be with our country, her leaders and decision makers that we might act wisely in our world. Keep our president, vice president, and congressmen safe that they may lead us prudently. Help the judges who interpret our laws approach you for wisdom before their decision-making.

Attend to our State and local leadership—the ones who are close to home, and may even give us their ear.

Guide our school leaders—teachers and administrators. Give them wisdom as they teach our children. Be with those children, especially those who bear faith in Christ. Help them to be a positive witness for the Lord Jesus Christ where they are.

Finally, Lord God, be with your children wherever they may be. Help us to seek your guidance in even the smallest of our decisions. May we be more like you to be more influential in our communities, our schools, our cities, our states, our country, and even in our world.


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I add my agreement to your prayer. It is so easy to forget to pray for our leaders to all our loss. Thanks you for praying this prayer and sharing it. It reminded me to pray for our leaders.

4:31 PM

Tim, thanks for stopping by. For me, I have sometimes to remind myself to pray for our leaders--especially when I don't fully agree with them. But then, they are the ones who bear the burden of leadership, and I'm thankful it's not me.

5:29 PM

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