Peace to You  

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Indians closed the deal with white men by passing around a pipe of peace. By participating in the ceremony, you were affirming that you would abide by your part of any bargains struck over the fires of meeting. You were also pledging your alliance with the group present. To refuse to participate might bring a time bereft of peace upon you and your people.

Traditionally, in church history church members practiced “Passing Peace” to one another. The practice stems from the Jewish custom of greeting one another with the one-word salute “Shalom!” Literally, “Peace to you!” We carry on this tradition by including a time of greeting one another in the worship service. The practice is a good one, but I think that we ought to consider more what we are actually doing. Are we simply catching up on this week’s gossip? Or are we genuinely offering peace one to another? Let us practice passing the peace of Jesus Christ today, in our church, and in our community.

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