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The purpose in studying the Ten Commandments is not to get into the fray with the politicos of this world. I am not in the habit of crossing political or judicial swords with people who have too much time on their hands than to see that living according to the Decalogue just makes sense. Instead I am convinced that, as a nation and (for those of us who are) as believers in Christ, we need to get back to the basics of building an abiding relationship with the Creator and with our family, friends, and neighbors along the way.

The Ten Commandments have also been maligned even by the Church in some respects when we declare that they were Old Testament and not meant for New Testament churches or believers. Christ not only followed them, but He also interpreted them for us. Surely we are not bound by the legalistic constraints imposed by keepers of the law in ancient days, but we certainly must heed the words of Christ, "To hate your brother is to murder him . . . to lust after a woman is to commit adultery with her." (My paraphrase)

Today, following the Commandments is a matter, not of legalism, but of the heart. How is your heart today?

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