It's Christmas!  

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Today is Christmas Day – the day that we celebrate the birth of the Savior. We have a special privilege this year, since the special holiday falls on our regular day of worship. May I encourage you to take advantage of this particular happenstance and attend worship, celebrating Christ’s birth with Christ’s people in Christ’s house–the church.
For a special treat, I will be attempting to honor the “Twelve Days of Christmas” beginning tomorrow and going through Epiphany.  (You can find my "Twelve Days of Christmas" series by clicking here.) Feel free to join me in continuing to celebrate our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In the meantime, please enjoy these lyrics written several years ago:
Christmas Spirit Every Day
(Christmas 1989)
“Give me this! – Give me that!”
“—That one’s mine! – I want it!”
Pushing, shoving,
Kicking, screaming,
Hitting, hating,

Look around at Christmastime and what do you see?
There’s a little bit of lovin’, both in you and in me.
We want to give a little
Not worryin’ what we’ve got.
It makes us feel warm inside
Though the weather’s far from hot.

We need a little Christmas Spirit every day.
Givin’ a little smile along our way.
We need to give a little
To understand a lot
We need a little Christmas Spirit
Before the world goes all to pot.

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